Our Mission

Growing our spirit, mind, and body in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Ready to get started?

Veritas teachers insure that every child has a complete understanding of academic material upon graduating from preschool and transitioning to first grade.
At GCA, Elementary students study God’s Word during their daily bible lessons and weekly chapel. GCA students participate in daily reading, language, math, science, and social studies. Each class schedule also includes art, music, and physical education weekly.
At Grace Christian Academy, middle school is centered around academics, advancing the student’s knowledge of God’s Word, and an entrance into the world of GCA sports. The formula provides an opportunity to begin shaping a well-rounded graduate.
At GCA, our goal as a student enters high school is to prepare them for the next chapter – a chapter they write while being guided by parents and GCA staff.
At Grace Christian Academy, our focus is academics with a biblical foundation however in order to teach students how to be a team player and take instruction from a leader, we offer a variety of sports.
GCA offers preschool and elementary music and art on a weekly basis. Middle and high school students can participate in chorus, drama, and praise band opportunities.