Veritas (Latin for “truth”) is not only the first word in the GCA motto, but also a child’s educational first-step at GCA. Veritas at Grace Christian Academy is dedicated to instilling kids with not only knowledge about subject matter, but also the truth of God’s word in accordance with that subject matter. Veritas offers a classical, differentiated, sensory-rich learning environment for children ages three to five. By combining Classical education, Montessori manipulatives, Reggio Emilia environments, fine arts, and creative movement Veritas provides each child with an individually-inspired path to success. Phase two of Veritas includes SRA and Lindamood Bell (certified) Reading programs. In addition to classroom instruction, Veritas extends a child’s education by taking full advantage of Veritas Village – a hands-on, outdoor learning environment to complete the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) portion of the Veritas preschool curriculum.

The preschool team is so excited about this new endeavor and is busy designing innovative and creative ways to approach students’ educational experiences. By considering all learning modalities and exploring various sensory channels (including visual, auditory, tactile/ kinesthetic, smell, and taste), Veritas teachers insure that every child has a complete understanding of academic material upon graduating from preschool and transitioning to first grade.

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